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As a leading provider of a media intelligence solution, we always have the overview.

With our in-house developed analysis technology, we regularly analyze the PR and communications work of various industries and sectors across german-speaking countries. We present our insights in informative case studies. Find out how others manage to create a strong brand and get inspired for your own PR work.

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Top 100 women on LinkedIn

Wer sind die 100 erfolgreichsten Frauen auf LinkedIn? Welche Frau hat im Verhältnis zu ihren Followern das höchste Wachstum? Welcher Spitzenmanagerin folgen die meisten MitarbeiterInnen?


CEO-Linkedin Navigator

How do CEOs communicate most successfully on LinkedIn and how are they positioning on that platform? This study analyzes the LinkedIn performance of CEOs from DAX and MDAX companies during the period October 2020 to March 2021.


Germany Top female Influencers

Which of the 15 mega-influencers in Germany we examined has the greatest reach on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, and who has been spill-over into traditional media?

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Web_Grafiken Case

Case Study


Web_Grafiken Case

Case Study

Social Media Nutzung:
Wolodimir Selenski

Web_Grafiken Case

Case Study

Reichweite auf LinkedIn
Verbände vs. Hauptgeschäftsführer